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The Atom Smart Coloring Book has wonderful illustrations that include the Galactic coalescing of both technology and sports, music and fantasy that our boys are constantly engaged in.

Color your way through the creative dimensions of space with Atom Smart! Atom Smart is the phenomenal young man from earth who was selected to attend the prestigious Steed Scientific Space Academy. Every ten years, children are selected based on their commitment to exploring the planets in distant galaxies. Their aim is to make new discoveries and to develop scientific solutions. Atom Smart was instrumental in saving a small planet, Neertopia from destruction. Planet Neertopia’s entire culture is to produce engineers and scientists. The beings on planet Neertopia are committed to helping Atom become the best space explorer ever! Atom Smart has a best friend named Eclipse. She is a science genius. Eclipse helps Atom achieve his goals by challenging him to analyze his approach to solving problems. Atom is still learning his powers and more about the universe around him. He has a passion for learning new things daily. He favorite things are science, math, and coding. Dr. Osiris is a scientific villain who wants to control the entire galaxy with his super brain. He loves to imagine himself winning over Atom but he does not know all the super powers Atom possess.